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Block Chain

This program is the definitive introduction to blockchain for both the developer and non-developer audience. Beyond the technology, this course will introduce you to some of the philosophy behind decentralization and why there is so much excitement around it.
you’ll be introduced to blockchain and the technology behind it. we’ll go beyond bitcoin and delve deeper into a next-generation blockchain.


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This program provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology ( Here, some of advance version program content also included ).

Blockchain Foundations

we will cover the following topics: 1. Why are People Excited About Blockchain? 2.The Brief, Brief History of Blockchain 3.The Move to Decentralization 4. Ledgers, Distributed Ledgers, and Consensus 5. What is Blockchain?

 The Technical Side

Cryptography, Hash Functions, Public Key Cryptography and Signing, Blocks and Blockchain, the Chain, Nodes and Network. The reading materials will help you to expand your knowledge of the materials presented in this module

Blockchain in Use

Introduction, Trust Framework and Consensus Mechanisms, Public, Consortium, Private Blockchains, Blockchain Interoperability, When to Use a Blockchain (Limitations and Misconceptions), Implications of Blockchain on Traditional Business. The reading materials will help you to expand your knowledge of the materials presented in this module. 

Further Topics

Introduction, Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency Tokens, Wallets and the Marketplaces, and Implications on Traditional Businesses. The reading materials will help you to expand your knowledge of the materials presented in this module.

Understanding Advanced level concepts

Get the idea of advanced level concepts in this domain.

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What students Say

Pradeep S


I really enjoyed learning through program I like the way of learning (gamification). I understand all the concepts very clearly and It is exciting to learn this way.
I enrolled other program of Exaltica also! It is a great learning experience.

I Already Completed this program. need to Know About Advance level Program in this Domain