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Cyber Security

Throughout this program, you will learn concepts around cybersecurity tools and processes, system administration, operating system and database vulnerabilities, types of cyber attacks and basics of networking. You will also gain knowledge around important topics such as cryptography and digital forensics.


Career opportunities

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  • Cyber Security Analyst

    ₹ 4.0 LPA – 5.0 LPA

  • Cyber Security Manager

    ₹ 5.4 LPA – 8.5 LPA

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

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  • Ethical Hackers

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  • Application Security Engineer

    ₹ 12.5 LPA – 15.5 LPA


This program provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of Cyber Security technology ( Here, some of advance version program content also included ).

Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks

This program gives you the background needed to understand basic Cybersecurity. You will learn the history of Cybersecurity, types and motives of cyber attacks to further your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals. Key terminology, basic system concepts and tools will be examined as an introduction to the Cybersecurity field.

Cybersecurity Roles, Processes & Operating System Security

This program gives you the background needed to understand basic Cybersecurity around people. process and technology. You will learn:

● Understand the key cybersecurity roles within an Organization. ● List key cybersecurity processes and an example of each process. ● Describe the architecture, file systems, and basic commands for multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac/OS, Linux and Mobile. ● Understand the concept of Virtualization as it relates to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Compliance Framework & System Administration

This module gives you the background needed to understand the key cybersecurity compliance and industry standards. This knowledge will be important for you to learn no matter what cybersecurity role you would like to acquire or have within an organization.

Network Security & Database Vulnerabilities

This program gives you the background needed to understand basic network security. You will learn the about Local Area Networks, TCP/IP, the OSI Framework and routing basics. You will learn how networking affects security systems within an organization. You will learn the network components that guard an organization from cybersecurity attacks.

Understanding Advanced level concepts

Get the idea of advanced level concepts in this domain.

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Pradeep S


I really enjoyed learning through program I like the way of learning (gamification). I understand all the concepts very clearly and It is exciting to learn this way.
I enrolled other program of Exaltica also! It is a great learning experience.

I Already Completed this program. need to Know About Advance level Program in this Domain