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Digital marketing

You will learn the core principles of digital marketing before diving deeper into the basics of digital strategy, audience and competitive research, and how to connect with the customer. After completing this course, you will be able to: – • Understand how digital and social media have disrupted the way businesses sell to consumers • Use digital research and social listening to gain insights into your audience, competitors, and industry • Recognize the core components of an effective digital marketing strategy • Recognize how marketers use the Buyer’s Journey model to influence purchase decisions over digital platforms using digital content and tools • Use the principles of content marketing to create effective content that engages an audience.


Career opportunities

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  • Email Marketer

    ₹ 4.0 LPA – 6.0 LPA

  • Content Marketer

    ₹ 4.4 LPA – 7.5 LPA

  • Social Media Marketer

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  • Search Engine Optimizer

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  • Digital Marketing Manager

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This program provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of digital marketing ( Here, some of advance version program content also included ).

Module 1

1.0 New Digital Context
1.1 Digital Consumer Behavior
1.2 Customer Expectations
1.3 What is Digital
1.4 The Digital Customer Journey
1.5 Digital Disruption
1.6 The Digital Customer Journey
1.7 Digital and Your Organisation
1.8 Business Growth and Digital
1.9 Digital for You

Module 2

2.1 The Digital Opportunity
2.2 Key Digital Marketing Concepts
2.3 Traditional and Digital Marketing
2.4 3i Principles
2.5 Digital Channels
2.6 Strategy Fundamentals
2.7 Overarching Strategy
2.8 Digital Resources
2.9.1 Budgeting
2.9.2 Return on investment

Module 3

3.1 Audience Research
3.2 Cultural Research
3.3 Competitive Research
3.4 Industry Trend Research
3.5 The Buyer’s Journey
3.6 Marketing Functions
3.7 Tools for Digital Marketing

Module 4

4.1 Content Marketing
4.2 Importance of Content Marketing Strategy
4.3 Buyer Personas
4.4 Content Creation
4.5 Content Formats
4.6 Content Repurposing
4.7 Content Strategy

Understanding Advanced level concepts

Get the idea of advanced level concepts in this domain.

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Pradeep S


I really enjoyed learning through program I like the way of learning (gamification). I understand all the concepts very clearly and It is exciting to learn this way.
I enrolled other program of Exaltica also! It is a great learning experience.

I Already Completed this program. need to Know About Advance level Program in this Domain