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The Exaltica brand, connects job seekers with internships and jobs tailored to their interests. Finding the perfect internship or job is now easier than ever thanks to the vast array of internships and employment opportunities available.

Exaltica, a Ed-tech platform, connects job seekers with dream jobs by identifying the best match between their skills and interests. Exaltica ensures job opportunities for all job seekers who utilise its services by utilising state-of-the-art AI and machine learning screening processes. Additionally, for businesses seeking new hires, Exaltica provides a shortlist of the most qualified candidates for their job roles.

Exaltica’s services are not limited to connecting job seekers with employers seeking to hire them. It prepares an individual for employment by developing their soft skills through one-on-one mentoring sessions, teaching them how to handle interview questions, and teaching them how to write professional resumes.

Indeed, you do. However, Exaltica has streamlined the process for job seekers by allowing them to pay post-placement with the option of zero-interest EMIs.

Yes, we certainly do! We promise job placement with over 50 of the most prestigious organisations in the industry. We promise a refund of your payment if you do not get placed after going through our process.

Do not despair; Exaltica will schedule additional interviews with various firms
If we are unable to place you, we will refund your money.
Bear in mind that you must attend and give your 100% during the interviews

A guaranteed job is one in which you have been assured of placement in a position that is a good match for your skillset. Here, you’ll get an excellent start on your path to a stellar career. A guaranteed job has a high retention rate of employees.

Over 50 distinct hiring partners across multiple verticals and esteemed organisations

The entire process takes four months from start to finish and begins with the applicant uploading a video profile of themselves.

Exaltica is an invitation-only programme for selected students. Candidates have to register at Exaltica and successfully complete an interview process. Selected candidates will be able to enrol in Exaltica programmes.

The starting salary for a fresher in our Exaltica programme is 3L per year

Yes, if you complete the course on time and do not receive an offer letter within 89 days of course commencement, you will receive a refund.

The starting salary for a fresher in our Exaltica programme is 12L per year.